A genuine, sincere family story
A way of life and the desire for well-being.

It’s a story of the senses and an atmosphere, of family and handing down. It’s about unconditional love for nature – found in the Provence countryside – and its iconic fruit, the olive. A way of life, a culture of authenticity, a taste for honesty, the desire for well-being, a need to focus on oneself – simply, calmly, with the best of Provence, its spirit and its olfactory and sensory feelings. Clos des Oliviers is all of that. And more…




In 1995 two sisters, Anne and Caroline, decided to delve into their family’s history. As if reopening old photo albums, the memories resurfaced: walking with family through the garrigue around Les Baux de Provence, putting together herbaria with their grandparents, who wanted to hand down their knowledge and love of nature, and playing in the shade of olive trees that swayed under the Mistral winds.
Together, they pushed open the doors of their family estate, Mas de la Dame, a cherished inheritance through four generations. It’s a property with a rugged beauty, bathed in sunshine, set inside a natural amphitheatre bordered by the Alpilles.

Mas de la Dame is surrounded by vines and olive tree orchards; an oil press testifies to ancestral know-how. Meanwhile, the family home has acquired its own patina through the centuries, with its stones, sun-bleached colours, lunches under the arbour, laundry smelling sweetly of the fresh air… Simplicity and the elegance of discretion are an innate way of life here.
So, moved by a passion for authenticity, they conceived a slightly crazy project: to create a brand that celebrates the benefits found in olives, the ‘green gold’ patiently cultivated by their great-grandfather and his descendants. In this way, Anne and Caroline are going to add a chapter to this story with Clos des Oliviers. More than a cosmetic, the line is above all an ode to well-being, an ancestral beauty secret brought back into the spotlight.


The Alpilles have preserved a primitive, wild beauty. The garrigue, blown by the Mistral, lies at the heart of Clos des Oliviers. In it you can smell thyme, rosemary, the fragrances of Provence and the warm air emanating from the stories of Pagnol and Daudet.
The same gentleness takes hold of your family at bath time. Because while Clos des Oliviers pays homage to women and beauty, its spirit distils the wake left by nature, well-being and the kindness offered to loved ones. Through its gentle textures, the elegance of its pure colours, the delicacy of its light scent, Clos des Oliviers speaks of transmission, a sensory quality that leads simply to beauty.